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Increase Efficiency and Productivity with the SILVER 1.3 eLUXE 3D Scanner

Scanning allows you save time and money, professional CAD jewelry designers use the Silver eLUXE 3D scanner daily to:

Create Matching Wedding Bands

  • Use the 3d Scanner to scan surfaces which would be too difficult to measure to use as the starting point for making an object. This technology is perfect to make matching wedding bands.

3D Heirloom Reproduction

  • Scan an existing piece of jewelry to use as the starting point for creating another piece of jewelry, allowing you to re-engineer an existing piece without taking the other piece apart.

Gemstone Scanning

  • Stone scanning-large format and unique shapes.
  • Ensure a quality fit the first time create custom mountings and bezels.  Scanning the gemstones allows you capture their unique shape.

 Jewelry Design, Repair and So Much MORE!

  • Complete hard-to-fabricate jewelry repairs by scanning the piece and designing the perfect fitting detail.
  • Scan objects and scale them in size to save a significant amount of modeling time.
  • Capturing design intent.
  • Digital Archiving of jewelry and components.
  • Communication tool for exchange of design ideas.
  • Manufacturing QC and process evaluation.

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